Leadership Team


Michael Lopez

Clarity Technologies Founder

Michael Lopez has loved computers since he was a child. He recalls tinkering with them ever since the Commodore 64 days way back in the mid-1980s. His interest in computers only grew over time, and keeping up with the technological advancements over the years has led to his admirable standing in the industry.

As the founder of Clarity, Michael appreciates the fact that every day comes
with a new challenge. Being exposed to different environments keeps them on their toes and helps them keep their skills fresh in order to address the
constant challenges they face.

He stresses the fact that Clarity does not sell “cookie-cutter” products. Instead, they believe solutions should be tailor-made for each client. In other words, they would prefer to modify a solution to meet a client’s needs than have a client change the way it does business in order to take advantage of that solution.

Michael is a graduate of Northern Arizona University and has been awarded
with numerous accolades for his work in the industry. He was recognized by
the Ellie Mae Hall of Fame in 2013, and has a variety of certifications and
industry-specific vendor credentials.

Michael Sullivan

VP of Professional Services

Michael Sullivan feels that Clarity’s strength is in the passion that the company has to help its clients. Clarity genuinely attempts to leave its clients’ systems in a better place than when they started, and that concept fits right in with Michael’s natural interests.

He has always enjoyed problem-solving, so he naturally gravitated to software development. While he was in college, he worked for a mortgage company and liked the challenges of originating loans. He also found that there was a great need for technological advancements within the mortgage industry.

During his career, he assisted two companies that have been inducted into the Ellie Mae Hall of Fame.

Today, he truly enjoys working with Clarity’s clients to help them meet their
goals, whether it’s by implementing basic technological tools or creating
customized technology solutions just for them.

Michael has a Management Information Systems degree from the University of Arizona.