Having unexpected visitors call you ahead of time is better than having them show up on your doorstep while you’re in the shower. Listening to the weather forecast before planning an outdoor bash is better than getting caught in the storm. Having a smoke alarm warn you that there is a possible fire in the house long before it spreads is better than calling on the fire department to put out the fire after your home has already been destroyed. … Just like these scenarios, active threat detection is vital for your business as well.

You don’t want to put out fires after they happen. You want to prevent them from happening in the first place.

What is Active Threat Detection?

Active threat detection refers to a digital system that identifies possible dangers to your technological devices and other resources. It’s a 24-7 monitoring system that watches other cybersecurity threats and ensures that your business does not become a victim of the same threat.

Remember 20 or 30 years ago when you scanned your computer? It took hours, and you could do nothing with your computer during that time. Well, active threat detection does regularly scan patterns in your computer or other technological device to ensure nothing is out of the ordinary. However, the more advanced systems won’t slow you down; you will be able to continue to use your device as the system is working in the background to protect you more completely than ever before.

Effects of Cybersecurity Breaches

Cybersecurity threats can be very serious, and security breaches have devastated multimillion dollar, international businesses.

Remember these examples?

  • • Hackers broke into the security system at Walmart to steal information from cash registers.
  • • Thieves stole up to 60 million credit card numbers from The Home Depot.
  • • In one of the most serious security breaches ever, information about more than 145 million Americans – such as their Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, and addresses – was stolen as a result of a 2017 breach at Equifax.

• Hackers exploited the system through a weak point in website software.

Attackers had stolen credentials from a vendor and then installed malware to capture additional consumer data. Target acknowledged that it had missed the signs of a data breach, according to the New York Times.

Why Active Threat Detection is Vital for Your Business

In case you’re still wondering why active threat detection is vital for your business, let’s be clear:

1. The goal is to prevent security breaches from happening, not fixing them after they do.

2. You could miss the warning signs of a security breach, so you need help to detect them.

3. Neglecting to identify threats could leave your technology and possibly even your business’s reputation in shambles, either temporarily or permanently.

4. The cost of repairing the damage due to a security threat could be astronomical, which also would be devastating to your business.

5. You have a responsibility to protect your consumers’ private information. If their information is compromised, you could find yourself facing legal repercussions.

Get Your Security System Up to Where it Should Be

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