Branch Management and Security



  • Mortgage technology and loan data gap analysis
  • Helpful rule validation and suggestions
  • Stay up-to-date with legal regulations
  • Feel more prepared and confident during audits

Audits come fast and furious in the financial services business.

Between your internal audits and those by financial regulators, it seems that you’re being audited at every turn.

Our compliance certification processes allow us to reassure you that you’re on the right track regarding applicable laws, regulations, and procedures. We can also sign off on security assessments, so you can feel more confident when those audits do come.

If improvements are necessary, on the other hand, we can provide you with useful suggestions. Staying within compliance of applicable mortgage laws, state statutes, and local ordinances isn’t an option. It’s a must. But with so much changing on a regular basis from all angles, it may be difficult to stay up-to-date with all of the requirements and latest trends.

The right mortgage technology compliance solutions can ensure that your loan processes, communication strategies, and data reporting meet today’s standards. Our technology consultants can provide you with a technology audit validation, security review, data gap analysis, and rule validation.

Stop guessing about whether or not your processes are up to standards, and gain the peace of mind you deserve. Talk with one of our technology experts today for a detailed evaluation and certification of your environment’s security.

Data Gap Analysis

Our compliance certification processes include data gap analysis. If we discover holes or inconsistencies in your loan data, we will work with you to mitigate these concerns. We will compile an analysis that identifies areas of loan documents that must be corrected, for example, or find trends in data that can be corrected at the same time or manually. If we find breaks in the patterns of your loan data, we can suggest and implement corrective actions.

Rule Validation

As you know, the definition of the word “rules” in the mortgage technology industry is very different than how most people define the word. In technology, rules serve as virtual tour guides. They tell certain pieces of information where they should go, and the rules truly are different for each mortgage banking organization.

Unfortunately, some users create rules that result in unintended consequences. Our rule validation processes will determine if the rules you created are firing as you intended. We will analyze the rules to make sure they make the most sense for your particular goals.