Branch Management and Security


Energy Cost Savings that Work

  • Create a greener workspace
  • Significantly save on utility costs
  • Integrate technology systems for a more productive environment
  • Create the ability to control technology remotely
  • Update antiquated systems
Technology is about so much more than the keyboard under your fingertips, the phone in your hand, or even the printer in your office if you still use one.
Because so many factors and systems are integrated into each other, the word “technology” can be used in relation to everything from the lights in the ceiling to the building’s HVAC system.

Consider this: Lighting can now be controlled on a timer and via remote devices. In addition to this asset, you can switch to more energy-efficient lighting, which can save you up to 40 percent in utility costs. When you combine both options together, the end result is likely to be significant energy cost savings for your mortgage business.

Lighting is now falling under a technology consultant’s realm because it has become a part of the Internet of Things (IoT). Lighting, as well as similar assets such as security alarms, are now more intelligent. As a result, the integrated technologies are more cohesive, which is more beneficial in the long run for everyone and everything involved.

Ultimately, our goal and your goal is to save you money, and as technology consultants we will help you look up, down, and all around to make it happen. Our consultants can begin with a review of your expenses for internet, phone, cable, and other utilities, and we can then advise you on how to create energy cost savings.

We can recommend reliable service providers in each applicable industry who can help you optimize various forms of technology with this goal in mind. We will then go directly to various carriers and invite them to competitively bid for your business. Essentially, we’ll find the most ideal prices on your behalf, while keeping in mind that quality service is our primary objective.

Ultimately, you will likely choose the one that has the best reputation at the lowest price. When carriers bid for your business, you win. You really can’t lose.

As an added bonus, updating technology such as lighting and heating systems may allow you to reduce your carbon footprint and possibly create a safer environment for you, your employees, and your borrowers.