Branch Management and Security


Technology Security Audit Services

  • Infrastructure security and data analysis
  • Work with a Certified Information Systems Security Professional
  • Helpful suggestions by leading technology consultants
  • Implementation of powerful technological tools for your peace of mind
If you are making money, you are a potential target. It’s as basic as that. Your security depends on you keeping up on trends, updates, and technologies.

Through our security audit and penetration testing processes, we employ consultants with background in security to help you effectively navigate through a sea of constantly changing threats. We can also help you identify gaps in your current network or certify your network as bulletproof.

We can’t stress enough the importance of securing your mortgage technology systems. Doing so not only protects your investment, but also your borrowers’ private information. If you’re not already compliant with regulations in this regard, our compliance solutions and implementation processes can help.

The detail we use during our security audits and penetration testing is second-to-none. A Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) will analyze your infrastructure data and security, as well as the physical security of your mortgage branch in relation to technology. We’ll confirm if your mortgage loan office has all the security measures in place to protect borrowers’ confidential data.

Stop fearing security audits, as there’s no stronger tool than knowledge. It’s the only way you can make the changes that will protect you and your
borrowers. Find out today how vulnerable you really are, and we’ll help you
build a more impenetrable foundation.