We’re counting down the days until the big Ellie Mae and Encompass application expo of the year, and we’re excited about what’s in store. If you are a realtor or loan officer, you may benefit from attending the show, which will feature classes, seminars, presentations about upcoming changes in the Uniform Residential Loan Application, and so much more.

Clarity Technologies will be available to answer your questions and provide feedback about how to improve your loan origination systems and other technologies. We can tell you about how we can:

  • • Help you modernize your mortgage technology process
  • • Eliminate resources you don’t need, which can save you time and money
  • • Implement new and exciting technologies to help you work faster and better
  • • Ensure compliance with applicable mortgage laws, which change frequently
  • • Further secure your technology in order to protect you, your business, and your borrowers
  • • Train you and your staff on how to take full advantage of Encompass and various other programs
  • • Provide you with setup and restart services, as well as general support
  • • Create SKD/API customizations, input form customizations, customized plugins, and integrations

At Clarity Technologies, we’re all about customizing solutions that work for you. Each mortgage agency has different requirements based on location, the number of employees, the types of homes that are sold, and more. A conversation about your needs is therefore the first step in improving your mortgage technology process.

So stop by our booth, kiosk K-11, at Experience 19 and tell us what’s going in your business world. We’ll tell you how we can help make it better.

Some of the other highlights of Experience 19 include presentations by keynote speakers Simon Sinek, Jeff Barr, Robbie Bach, Gretchen Rubin, and Michael Fratantoni; workshops and training seminars; and discussions about changes to the Uniform Residential Loan Application.

More than 3,000 mortgage innovators are expected to attend, and hundreds of informational booths will be on display for you to explore.

Visit experience.elliemae.com to learn more about the expo, or contact us at Clarity Technologies for more information about our services.

Contact us at Clarity Technologies for more information about Ellie Mae's Experience 19, changes to the Uniform Residential Loan Application, and our computer technology services.