Technology is about so much more than your laptop computer or your cellphone. It’s also about your air conditioner, lights, refrigerator, TV, and many other appliances and tools you use every day in your home or place of business. If you’ve never really thought about how much technology and utility costs go hand in hand, consider the following ways modernizing technology can help you save money.

1. If you’re still using traditional incandescent lights, consider switching to LED lights. The benefits are twofold.

  • The bulbs are more energy efficient. On the surface, you can save a significant amount of money in the long run.
  • When you update your lighting system, there are many ways to incorporate other forms of technology in order to save additional money. For example, you can program lights to turn off at a certain time when you know no one will be in the building.

2. You can control your technology remotely, such as turning the temperature of the furnace down on a day when you know it’s warm out or switching off the lights if you left them on.

Modernizing technology can help you save on everyday costs by enabling you to make changes to your lighting, HVAC system, and more remotely.3. You can further monitor your security alarms and fire alarms. Installing digital cameras enables you to see movement in and around the building even if you’re thousands of miles away, and the alarm company can assist you faster.

4. You can combine various forms of communication technology in order to simplify how much each person needs. As long as they have cellphones, it’s no longer necessary for all employees to have traditional landline phones on their desks, for example, and you can also toss out that antique fax machine for good.

5. Advanced security for your technology network allows you to remain proactive in preventing cyber theft and online fraud. In the event your system is infiltrated, a modernized security system can help you recover more seamlessly. That could mean thousands or millions of dollars saved.

These are only a handful of the ways modernizing technology can help you save on everyday costs. As we always say, it all depends on how many people you work with, how you work, your clientele, how many locations you have, and so many other factors.

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