Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do you say I need to improve my mortgage technology systems?

As we worked within the mortgage industry prior to the founding of Clarity Technologies, we saw a great need for mortgage bankers to improve their internal systems for optimal day-to-day workflows. Additionally, loan officers face many challenges, such as security threats and the need to stay up-to-date with applicable laws and procedures. As a result, they need the support of industry-leading mortgage technology consultants.

2. What is a digital mortgage?

A digital mortgage is completed from start to finish using only online tools. The end result is the same as that of a traditional mortgage. However, mortgages can be completed faster and easier, and communication with borrowers can be enhanced.

3. What is your new VoIP phone system all about?

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. Clarity Technologies is creating the financial industry’s first completely secure unified communications platform. It will combine video, chat, and phone services into one.

4. What is a technology security audit?

As a mortgage banker, you have the goods that cyberthieves want, such as social security numbers and checking account numbers. One of our highest priorities is to ensure that this sensitive information is safe and secure. We’ll analyze your systems to make sure it is, and if it’s not, we’ll work together with you to fix it.

5. I already use Ellie Mae’s Encompass. What else do I need?

About half of all mortgage bankers use Encompass, which we feel is a very effective loan origination and digital mortgage system. As an Ellie Mae partner, we’ve noticed that many Encompass users are unaware of its full capabilities or are not using it as efficiently as possible. We can help train you and your employees to use Encompass more effectively or customize tools for you.

6. What kind of technology training do you provide?

What kind of technology training do you need? Do you need to learn how to use your loan origination system more effectively? Do you want to know how to safely back up files or work in the cloud? Do you want to create more effective rules and digital organization? When it comes to mortgage technology, we can advise you on the best ways to use many types of technologies in order to improve efficiency and save costs. Technology training is especially important for new employees.

7. What is a data gap analysis?

It refers to our review of your systems to determine if anything is missing, inconsistent, or otherwise ineffective. If we discover holes, we will work with you toward corrective actions.

8. How can my connectivity be improved beyond what I already have?

We can literally multiply your connectivity potential. We’ll use multiple connectivity tools and backup systems to prevent failures and ensure a more seamless workday.

9. Our employees work in remote locations all around the country. Can you handle that?

Absolutely! We can generally assist you wherever you are and regardless of the types of devices you are using. In fact, enhancing communication processes for mortgage technology businesses is one of our primary goals.

10. How much will this cost us?

Our costs depend on the types of services we provide. Because we focus on customized solutions for our clients, it would be difficult to provide general numbers. Please contact us for a consultation and estimated quote.