Software Management and Services


Loan Origination System Enhancements

  • Customized plugins
  • Encompass tool additions
  • E-Folder optimization
  • Comprehensive digital mortgage tools
Effective digital mortgage solutions help you streamline your lending process while remaining fully compliant with applicable mortgage laws and regulations.
As a result, the mortgage lending experience becomes more seamless, both for you and your borrowers.

But we don’t stop with the standards, and implementing cookie-cutter solutions just for the sake of following the status quo isn’t the norm at Clarity. In fact, we start with the standards and push the limit in order to provide you with the most powerful results.

When you work with our technology consultants, your ideas and visions will be a focal point of our customized services. Tell us what you wish you could have, and we’ll focus on making it happen.

Our team of professional service engineers can take your ideas or spreadsheets and convert them into valuable tools within your loan origination system. Taking the simplest ideas, we can build custom forms and display critical information in all of the right places.

We take the time to create and deliver forms that are perfectly aligned and well-designed for the best user experience.

Looking for something more complex? Looking for a customized workflow? Ask us how we can build your system to display only what users need to complete their job. And that means no one has to waste any more time fumbling around through several forms that are not necessary for a user’s role.

Mortgage bankers and loan officers should always have their eyes on new and innovative ways to complete digital mortgages. Implementing loan origination system enhancements and keeping up with modern trends can save you, your employees, and your borrowers time and money. As an added bonus, completing mortgages digitally can protect the environment by eliminating paper waste.