Software Management and Services


Features of Third-Party Integrations

  • Custom coding to implement key features
  • Loan origination system advancements
  • Customized plugins
  • Enhanced automation and data capabilities
  • Native C# or JavaScript code
  • Improved application programming interface and communication
Whether customized technology solutions are right for you or standardized resources would be best, we aim to create a comprehensive, cohesive environment for your technology systems.
When your systems work together seamlessly through third-party integrations, the result is better communication, greater efficiency, and cost savings.

We support many applications and can provide general support with desktop and server operating systems, anti-virus mitigation, and other device connectivity support issues.

Although our primary support expertise is with applications and tools used specifically in the mortgage industry, our team can support individuals and businesses in a plethora of different industries.

Our team can support you remotely or step into your office for face-to-face assistance at your request. Our support environment and monitoring tools, should you request them, will allow us to proactively manage and fix issues as they arise even before they become your main concern.

Our core expertise is with mortgage loan origination systems Encompass360, Encompass Connect, and Byte software products. Our support team will work with you to resolve complex issues surrounding your systems, as well as enhance these applications to best suit your needs.

If you have a vision and can articulate your dream, we will build it for you and make that dream a reality.

We believe that too often a business will alter workflows and adapt to constraints in order to use business tools. If you are sacrificing performance by bending and shaping your business to accommodate the way a tool is forcing you to operate, you are likely underperforming and not as efficient as you could be.

Our approach to solving issues places your workflow first and uses it as a foundation for customized technology solutions.  Our team has the expertise to create enterprise business applications and custom tools.  With over 50,000 hours of development time, our development studios have the experience to build these applications to your specifications with security and performance as key considerations in our architecture process.

Occasionally, out-of-the-box solutions do not fit your business needs. If standardized resources work best for you, we can provide training that will enable you to use these tools as efficiently and effectively as possible as well, both for your benefit and for that of your borrowers.